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What is inEmails.com?
inEmails.com is a MASS / BULK emailing application to help you reaching your customers very efficiently in cost effective way.
Is usage only for a particular industry / field?
No. Its for all those who are looking for a cost - effective tool of mass marketing. You can email to either your prospective clients or to your present cliental group to keep them updated with your business activities like new offers, packages, updates, etc, However you can send them invitation regarding exhibitions or seminar, trade show, function or any possible. inEmails.com can also be used for circulating different circulars within or outside the organization.
I don’t have email addresses but want to start up with mass emailing for my business?
No Problem, you can start. The very first thing you need to do is add up a tab on your website asking your website visitors to SUBSCRIBE for the newsletters. You can also keep a record book in your office to maintain email addresses of the clients visiting your office. Also you can gather data by participating in various exhibitions and trade shows. Slowly your database will grow and you can start using mass emailing. If you are in hurry, there are some data CDs available in market.
Can I get some free trails?
Yes. As free package, we allow to send 100 emails every 15 days.
I am not having a huge database; still can this online marketing work for my business?
Yes. First start up with emailing few ids available with you. Add appealing words in the email you send like offer till certain period, limited stock available, active till limited stock , enroll now for discounts, such words will lead to quick responses. It will help you generate new leads. Also encourage them to forward it to others too. People will get in touch with you reading that newsletters. You can always search for your target database from Google, database CDs, Travel Directory, etc.
Can you give me list of email address for my mass emailing?
No. inEmails.com provides the platform to send bulk emails. We don’t sell database. The client has to use his own database to do mass email marketing.
Do I need to design templates or Do you design it for us?
inEmails.com gives you the MS Word like interface to develop email templates. Additionally, you can copy and paste templates developed in some other application like DreamViewer and so on. However, we also offer the services of designing templates. Please go on packages to look at templates packages. You may select any.
How secured is my data that is being uploaded on ?
Totally secured. We value our costumers and their working confidential matters. You can go through the PRIVACY POLICY for the same.
What if people want to stop receiving emails from me?
Each email that you send through the inEmails.com contains an UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom. It goes with email automatically. People can unsubscribe by clicking on it. And those email id’s will directly get deleted from your group. You can also view the details of people who have unsubscribed along with the reasons written by them to unsubscribe.
What are the chances of my emails going to spam or junk boxes?
The mechanism of inEmails.com has been designed in a way that no spammer can catch it. So you don’t need to worry about delivery. We guarantee to deliver your email at customer’s inboxes. However, there can be possibilities such as structure of email, images included, etc. which can make email spam too. So we advise to make email template as light as possible.
What can be the causes for the failure in email delivery?
Invalid ids, inactive email addresses, server problems at recipients’ end, typing mistakes would all end up bouncing back the emails i.e. in failure deliveries.
Can I send personalized emails?
Yes. You can even greet the persons by their names (e.g. Dear George) if you upload names in groups and add salutations in configurations in blast emails section. In configuration section of blast emails, you can edit the settings for sending personalized emails.
Can I upload images in templates? What is the maximum size-limit of images that I can upload ?
Yes. Email template without image, will never look good. There is facility in template designer where you can upload your images and call them to a particular location for display. You need to care for 1 thing here. Your image size should not exceed 2 MB maximum. Try to keep size of email as minimum as possible. It will reduce the chances of getting an email spam.
Can I stop the further emails sending even though they are in a sending procedure?
Yes. It is very much possible. While application is busy in sending emails, you can pause the system procedure and close the page. It will stop entire processing. However if you only pause the system for sending the email, you can restart it from the same email address as you left last.
Can I upload animated pictures in the email templates?
Yes. inEmails.com is allowed you to upload GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc. pictures for sending. We don’t allow to incorporate FLASH inside the template as it won’t get opened in any private portal like gmail, yahoo, indiatimes, etc.
What are your refund policies?
There is no such refundable policy. It’s your wish to start or discontinue using our services but once you pay and agree to use our services your money is not refundable. So it’s always recommended to read the Terms and conditions before you sign up. However he can give you refund in case of system gets failed in delivering emails.
Does my credit of using email include the failures ids also?
Yes. At the end of each email campaign, your email credit will automatically be reduced. E.g. suppose you have bought 60,000 and you run campaign for 10,000 emails, you email credit will come donw to 50,000 emails.





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